The oil mill

High quality is our guide, and our oil mill "Su Molinu" meets this need.

The processing machines were acquired to Mori-Tem, the undisputed leader trademark in high quality processing. These machines and play a fundamental role in the creation of a fresh, clean and aromatic olive oil.

The process of

For this reason, the transformation process follows a strict quality control system:

  1. collection and processing within eight hours.
  2. accurate washing.
  3. crushing of olives by steel knives
  4. vertical malaxing inert
  5. two-phase separating decanter
  6. filtering by paper
  7. storing of the olive oil in stainless steel containers, reaching temperatures of about 14 to 16 °C
  8. use of vacuum-packed technique in order to guarantee a good shelf-life.

Scarica il nostro pannello esplicativo del processo produttivo


The cleaning of the machines is an in-depth and constant process, and is a fundamental element for obtaining a fragrant product able to preserve its aromatic characteristics for a long time.

Per noi fare un olio d’oliva di alta qualità significa perciò trasmettere salute e benessere, oltre i profumi e gli aromi del nostro frutto preferito