Important source
of wellness

The extra virgin olive oil of high quality can be an exceptional source of wellness. Gariga EVOO, having a high content in polyphenols and vitamin E, meets the principles of proper nutrition and it is an important source of daily health.

Body care

Romans already knew the benefits of olive oil for the care of aesthetic and skin. Today we know with certainty that olive oil is a great partner in body care. In fact, the natural antioxidants existing in the olive oil slow down the aging and stimulate cellular repair, making the skin soft and elastic.

Per noi fare un olio d’oliva di alta qualità significa perciò trasmettere salute e benessere, oltre i profumi e gli aromi del nostro frutto preferito

The benefits for the athlets

Agonistic exercise depletes the antioxidant muscle resources. Only a high quality EVOO guarantees a balanced intake and reintegration of antioxidants. A correct intake of polyphenols counteracts the oxidizing action of physical effort and delays the onset of muscle fatigue. Cagliari Football Club chooses the high quality for the feeding of its champions!