Navicella nuragica

Nell’isola sono state rinvenute circa 150 preziose navicelle in bronzo di epoca nuragica. Esse dimostrano una conoscenza approfondita del mare e delle tecniche di navigazione, e testimoniano frequenti rapporti dei Nuragici con le altre popolazioni del Mediterraneo.

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Sa Pintadera

Uno tra i più importanti simboli dell’ epoca nuragica. L’uso de Sa Pintadera, disco di terracotta con incisioni geometriche, è ancora oggi avvolto nel mistero. Si pensa venisse utilizzata per marchiare il pane, per benedirlo e per allontanare le energie negative dal cibo.

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Bio is a “green”, fresh and fragrant olive oil. The production respects the natural balance of environments, satisfying the needs of those who want a genuine and uncompromising product.

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Ísula is an oil capable of bringing together Sardinian varieties in one great blend. We select the best olives of Sardinia to create a complete blend that satisfies all palates.

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The Bosana is the most widespread cultivar in Sardinia. It contains aromas and flavours from the island ranging from artichoke to almond, presenting itself as the distinctive mark in terms of olive oil origin.

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The Nera di Oliena is another aromatic excellence of our island. It looks like an intensely perfumed olive oil, capable of transporting us to the feelings of freshness and freshly cut grass which can be perceived in the countryside.

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Ruju is a blend that combines Sardinian and Apulian varieties. This line was born from an agronomic error made in our land 20 years ago, when, instead of the Sardinian varieties, the tree nursery gave us Coratina, the flagship diamond of the cultivars of Puglia Italian region.

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Oro is a blend that brings together our three lines Birde, Ràmine and Ruju. It is created by us to offer an olive oil able to get adapted to different culinary contexts with versatility.

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At the foot of the


Passion and professionalism

Our story

Since childhood, Giuseppe Angelo Zedda, founder of the Su Molinu oil mill, has been accostumed to live the campaign with his grandfather, and has made of his passion the basis for studying and creating a group of experienced and passionate collaborators.

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What’s the Gariga?

The gariga is a type of spontaneous vegetation typical of the Mediterranean climate, located at the foot of the mountain.

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The oil mill

High quality is our guide, and our oil mill "Su Molinu" meets this need.

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Important source of wellness

The extra virgin olive oil of high quality can be an exceptional source of wellness. Gariga EVOO, having a high content in polyphenols and vitamin E, meets the principles of proper nutrition and it is an important source of daily health.

Romans already knew the benefits of olive oil for the care of aesthetic and skin. Today we know with certainty that olive oil is a great partner in body care. In fact, the natural antioxidants existing in the olive oil slow down the aging and stimulate cellular repair, making the skin soft and elastic.

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Our awards

Prestigious awards recognize the quality of the Gariga EVOO

1° Best olive oil in Sardinia – Birde

2° Best olive oil in the world – Oro